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Zoom – Zoom Free Sign up – How do I sign up for a zoom account

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Zoom – Zoom Free Sign up – How do I sign up for a zoom account – How to Create a Zoom account is an article that teaches you about Zoom Sign Up either  on your computer or your mobile phone. Do you wanna learn how to create a zoom account quickly? Then this article is for you. Read it and share it with your friends and family.

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What’s Zoom ?

Like facebook, whatsapp, twitter and other social media platforms available in this 21st century, Zoom is a social media platform created mainly for group meetings. You can have your meeting on Zoom from any place in the  world.

Recently, big schools use zoom for seminars, and other possible school gatherings. Companies use zoom for interviews, meetings and many interactive sessions. Government and agencies use zoom for executive meetings and other interactive sessions. Also, seminars and conferences are held on zoom.

Zoom became more popular in this recent times when Corona Virus pandemic was at its peak such that companies, churches, schools, markets and many corporate organizations could not have physical meetings due to the Covid 19. Social distancing was advised to curtail its impactful spread.

How it Works

Normally, every meeting has a convener. This is just the same principle with zoom. A convener will convene the meeting and send different IDs to all the invitees. A convener is the person who calls for the meeting or rather, you is inviting everyone to the meeting.

The convener maybe the president, chairman, governor, manager, vice chancellor, coordinator or any position of authority who directs that the meeting holds at a  stipulated time. But for convenience sake, anyone can play the role of the convener, maybe the secretary on behalf of the chairman.

In fact, the convener is the person who is capable of coordinating a meeting on zoom.The problem is that many people lack the ability to coordinate a zoom meeting and even when they are invited, they are also unable to attend, possibly because they lack knowledge on how to sign up to zoom.

Certainly, after reading this article, you will not just be able to attend zoom meetings but you can be a convener of subsequent meetings. But before doing any of these, you must have an account with zoom. So, let me teach you how to create a zoom account quickly.

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How to Create a Zoom Account – Zoom Free Sign up


Simply follow the following procedures and create a zoom account instantly;

  • Visit the Zoom official website HERE
  • At the top-right corner of your screen, click on “SIGN UP” But make sure you submitted functional email in the space shown in the
  • You will receive an email from Zoom with a confirmation link.
  • Just click on the link to go to Zoom’s Sign Up Assistant and sign in using your login  credentials.

Now you have completely registered on zoom, you can decide to download the Zoom Application itself on your phone so that you can have easy access to it subsequently. Let me put you through how to download zoom on your phone. Follow the steps below;

Zoom Download – How to Create a Zoom account


Don’t have zoom app in your phone, follow the steps below;

  • Visit the app store HERE
  • Then on the search icon, type zoom. You can also install the google app store directly. Many zoom versions will show up
  • Click to download the Zoom iOS or Android app from the App Store/Play Store.
  • Sign up or sign in to Zoom by following the on-screen instructions that are similar to the desktop process.

How to Join Zoom Meeting – Zoom Free Sign up

There are two major ways of joining zoom meetings, it can either be via a link or meeting ID. Both methods are very easy.  Lets talk about them one after the other.

  • VIA ZOOM LINK: Zoom link is simply a clickable link that will lead you directly to the meeting. Once the convener creates the link and sends it to you, all you need to do is just click on the link and wait for the meeting to begin. If the meeting has already begun before you click the link, it will log you in to the meeting directly to join them where you met.
  • VIA ZOOM A Meeting ID: This method is a little technical unlike the link that leads you directly to the meeting.  This one requires you to open the Zoom app and click on the “Join” icon. You will be required to input the ID given to you by the convener.

Special Notice: It’s important to note that you use either phone or laptop to participate in zoom meeting. Though phone is most convenient as regards to freedom, using a computer (laptop) is most effective.

We are glad you visited our site. Has this article ” How to Create a Zoom account”, helped you?. I hope yes. That’s great. We are poised towards bringing you the latest on this field. Do not forget to return to our site again for more information.

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