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Welcome To A Fresh Simpler Facebook – Classic Facebook And New Facebook

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Welcome to a fresh simpler Facebook! Do you know that the Facebook platform has been updated on both mobile and desktop? Yes, it has been updated and if you are a conversant user of the Facebook platform both mobile and desktop, you should have noticed this. The Facebook platform being updated has long been overdue and a lot of Facebook users are really enjoying this and you should too.

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Welcome To A Fresh Simpler Facebook

With the new updates on Facebook, the platform looks like a whole new platform. There is now a fresh breath to the platform. These new updates have been with mixed reviews though. There are some users who think that the new updates on Facebook are ordinary. They think that there is nothing special about these updates but this is not true. It’s hard not to notice the new updates on Facebook platforms. I wonder why some people think that there is nothing special about these updates. Well, they may be making a point about the desktop platform of Facebook. But I can’t say the same about the mobile app.

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New Features With The New Updated Facebook

With the new updates on the platform came new features as it’s not just the look that was updated. With the updates on the platform came a new group feature experience. You can now discover groups easier to join. The new group’s tab now show a more personalized activity feed across all your groups. With the new discovery tool, you will quickly get recommendations on groups to join without hassle. Also, it is now easy to participate in groups and activities within groups.

There is also a new Facebook dating feature. With this feature, Facebook users can now date on the platform without having to leave the platform for other dating platforms. This feature is not yet available to all countries with access to Facebook. But it’s in a handful of countries. Unlike other dating platforms, this very platform is free and can be accessed by anyone as long as you are a registered user of the Facebook platform and also you are in a region with access to the Facebook dating feature.

The marketplace tab and feature on the Facebook platform has also been updated. People can now ship items on the marketplace feature anywhere in the US. They can now also pay directly on Facebook. If you are a seller on the platform, this, therefore, means that you can now reach more buyers on the platform. The platform is now secured more than ever.

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Classic Facebook And New Facebook

The updates on the Facebook platform have also been extended to the desktop platform. The desktop version of Facebook has been revamped giving it a new and better look. This update is still in its testing phase. The tabs on the new Facebook have been rescheduled and redesigned. The interface is simple and you can easily find your way around it. It also has a new dark mode. With the dark mode feature, your Facebook will get a new bold and fresher look. Since this update is still in its testing phase, Facebook has given users the option to always switch back to the classic Facebook whenever they feel like.

How To Switch To The New Facebook

switching to the new Facebook is easy. Normally facebook will notify you of the update done on the platform. and you will be directed on how to make the switch. But just in case you are among the many that weren’t notified on this update, you can switch to the new facebook manually. and to do this, follow the steps below;

  • login to your Facebook account at Facebook.
  • Click on the drop-down menu arrow located at the top of your Facebook account page.
  • from the drop-down menu, click on the ‘switch to the new Facebook’ tab.

that’s it! you have just successfully made the switch from the old Facebook to the new Facebook. Remember that you can always switch back to the old facebook whenever you feel like.

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