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Microsoft Outlook Free – Microsoft Outlook App | Microsoft Outlook Sign In Email

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“Microsoft Outlook Free” Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager. It is available as part of the Microsft Office suite. The service is primarily an email application that also includes a calendar, contact manager, task manager, journal, note taking and also web browsing. Microsoft Outlook Free can work as a standalone app or work with Microsoft Exchange Server. Read on to learn more about the service.

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Microsoft Outlook Free

Microsoft Outlook is used mostly for the purpose of sending and receiving emails. Unlike other, services, this one is not free as purchases must be made or a paid subscription is needed to make use. The service was introduced in the year 1997, it included Microsoft Office 97. If you are searching to send and receive messages, then purchasing is not really an option. As you can use the application for mail.

Here are some reasons you would love Microsoft Outlook,

  1. Search – You can make use of the integrated search engine to quickly find whatever you’re searching for. Users can find contacts, dates, emails, etc.
  2. Security – There are some enhanced security features that help to protect the mail from others. This feature also includes protection from phishing and junk site mails. With Microsoft Outlook, your security is sure.
  3. Easy to Organize – The email service comes with a simple and classy interface and easy to organize. Being an email service, users can sync their emails directly into their calendar or contact. Dates can be added ahead for future plans or meetings.
  4. Connectivity with others is simple – The Calendar from Microsoft allows users to share the calendar with any person they like. Create, manage and also edit an online calendar for clients to access or use.

There’s more attached to using the service. That is to say, you can actually do more than what is written here with Microsoft Outlook.

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Microsoft Outlook App – Microsoft Outlook App for Android

Microsoft Outlook for Android helps millions of users connect all their accounts, calendars, and files in a spot. There’s more you can do with the powerful and nice inbox from Outlook. Here’s what Outlook can be used for on Android devices;

  • One Place – Email, Calendar, Contacts and Files all in one spot to use.
  • Organized – Email and Day Planner Managemnet.
  • Intelligent – Calendar and Inbox Organizer.
  • Secure – Safe Email Management and Spam Protection.

The Android app works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, Yahoo Mail and Gmail.

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Microsoft Outlook App for iPhone

With Outlook on your iPhone, you can bring all your email accounts and calendar in one spot. It is easier to be productive, organized and connected. With iPhone Outlook app, you can;

  • Focus on the right things with its smart inbox.
  • Swipe to instantly schedule, delete and archive messages.
  • Share meeting availability with just a tap. Also, find time to meet people.
  • With the search engine, you can find everything you want such as files, contacts, and trips.
  • Attach and view files from your email, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc without downloading.
  • Integrate all your favorites including Facebook, Evernote, Trello, etc into Microsoft Outlook.

There’s more you can do with the app. Microsoft app iPhone shares almost every as the Android app.

How to Download the App

Downloading the application is very simple, fast and also doesn’t require anything from you. Here’s how you can install the app on your device;

  • Launch the App Store on the device you’re using.
  • Navigate to the search box and type in Microsoft Outlook.
  • From the search results that would be displayed, tap on the first app to load the information page.
  • Once you have it’s the application you want from the information page, tap on “Install”.

The account would be installed immediately into the device and you can start using it. If you have an account, all you need to do id to log in or simply create a new one.

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Microsoft Outlook Sign In Email

Signing in is simple and you would be back on your account in no time if you follow the steps below;

If the details are right, you would be signed into the account immediately.

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