Free Email Accounts 2020

Free Email Accounts 2020 – Check Out these Email Platforms Just Right for You!

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There are so many  Free Email Accounts 2020 to use, but selecting an actually free one to use is the issue. Though Free email accounts may seem like a dozen, there are some that stand out others. When it comes to choosing the fee email accounts for you, there are some features to look at.

In order to help determine the one that is best for you. With the right email accounts or services, you can do whatever you want such as sending and receiving emails from all around the world. In this article, I will be giving some of the best free email accounts to make use of.

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Free Email Accounts 2020

Free Email Accounts 2020 is the email service you can use for free no matter where you are located. In other words, these email accounts are free regarding your location and once you create an account with them, you can start sending and receiving emails.

Good email accounts should have a spam filter, great storage space, user-friendly interface, mobile device access. Also, there should be an available of it on Desktop client. If you are yet to explore free emails, then this is a great starting point for you.

They are not just free for use, but also offer some great services that you can find out once you create an account.

Best Free Email Account

In the guide, I will be giving you the best free email accounts to use. There are options, so you can actually try out the ones you like and before making a choice to stick to. We have highlighted a few of the best ones for you.

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Gmail is actually one of the best free email services you can actually come across. This email account is simple, secure with a great user interface, and also reliable. Gmail offers its users with 15 GB of storage space with its free account. It also integrates with services such as Calendar and Drive.

Gmail also has some really great features like the option to snooze emails for later. Send and request money via the Google Pay service. Users can also make a schedule for emails to be sent later. Great and colorful themes to make your interface classy and neat.

Gmail Features;

  • 15 GB of storage space with Google services via Google Drive. With this, you can share files.
  • You can read your emails offline.
  • There’s an option to undo an email if you sent it by mistake.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can set up a vacation responder to auto send emails while you’re away.
  • Advanced search options to find an email in your account.
  • A mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is a free email account that is offered by Yahoo. The free account gives users 1 TB of storage space. Yahoo mail is actually one of the best free email services when it comes to alternate aliases. Users can also create up to 500 addresses (disposable) that will be linked to the main but with no personal details.

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Yahoo Mail Features;

  • Users can insert GIFs directly from the in-built GIF collection.
  • There are some really great themes to customize your background and it pleasant look.
  • The option of importing contacts is supported. You can import from the files on your PC, Facebook, Google or
  • There are an in-built notepad and new reader. So, you can actually stay updated with your account.
  • Yahoo mail offers access to an online calendar and also a messaging service.
  • Connect your external email accounts to Yahoo Mail. By so doing, you can manage all in one interface.
  • There is a mobile application for iOS and Android. Mail is a free email account just like Gmail, which has a great interface that is easy to work with. It was first known as Hotmail. Making your email interface colorful and beautiful hasn’t been any easier with Users can actually decide where the reading panel should be displayed.

Features of Outlook mail;

  • Users can connect directly to Skype via their email.
  • It is related or connected to the Outlook calendar, by that events can be shared.
  • There is an option for Add-ins. Such as ones for PayPal, DocuSign, Boomerang, GIPHY, etc.
  • Other Microsoft services can be easily accessed.
  • There’s an official app compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Yandex Mail

As you must have known, Yandex is a Russian company that provides lots of tools including free email services. It provides users with 10 GB of cloud storage, Calendar, and also a great search engine. It is similar to Google, with its email account, you access all its other services. The Yandex user interface is very easy to work with. Yandex also supports filters, tasks, hotkeys, etc. just like others.

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Features of Yandex Mail;

  • Users can import files directly from the Yandex Disk.
  • Messages can easily be forwarded.
  • Also, send SMS copy an email.
  • Users can import images into the email by URL.
  • There is also an option of downloading emails as EML Files.
  • Send emails on delays.
  • There is a reminder for sent messages and also of late replies.
  • Free email accounts can be made with a website domain name.
  • A mobile that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

There are many more email accounts to use in 2020, but the ones listed are just some of the best top ones to use.

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